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MSc Clinical Embriyology

Duration    : 2 Years
Type          : Post Graduation
Eligibility   :  Bsc With one subject of Biology or Bsc bio technology or MBBS
Clinical embryologists are trained medical professionals involved in fertility treatment and reproductive research. Graduates in clinical embryology deal with the understanding of human reproductive biology, embryology, infertility and assisted reproductive technology (ART) and focuses on all current and future technologies associated with ART(embryo production, embryo selection and cryopreservation etc.). Clinical embryologists are specially trained and prepared to work in the IVF Centre. Studying clinical embryology are aimed to develop high-level laboratory skills in various aspects of reproductive medicine. They are using advanced and complex diagnostic, clinical and therapeutic treatments and equipment to help people make babies. These courses are a good choice for a student who aims at working in health care settings and who have an interest in reproductive science. As the IVF centres are increasing in our country the demand for clinical embryologists are at alarmingly high and cent per cent job assurance with a decent salary.
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