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Duration   : 5.6 Years
Type         : Degree
Eligibility : 10+2( Physics Chemistry & Biology & NEET eligible )
Medical bachelor & bachelor of surgery is an undergraduate academic  degree dealing with medicine & surgery contain the basic subjects like  physiology biochemistry anatomy pharmacology & pathology. It is the  most demanding medical degree in india‚ were the medical graduates are  entitled to use the term Doctor before his/her name as prefix Dr.  doctors are looked upon with great respect and command high salaries.  In this constantly changing modern world, the demand for medical  professionals is increasing day by day due to increase in diseases &  ailments. Doctors serve the humanity by saving the lives with their  skills. MBBS is best suited for students who have a scientific bend of  mind & those who want to serve the changing healthcare environment.  Doctors have plenty of employment opportunities in areas like  biomedical companies‚health centers‚pharmaceuticals‚biotechnology  companies‚research institutions etc
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